January 30, 2003

Editor's Note

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We’re back. Thought you got off easy last week with no issue of daze, huh? Well, this issue is dedicated to all of those people who silently criticized us and never wrote us any letters — pretentious snobs.

Well, here’s a challenge for you: find all the mistakes in this issue. It’s our trainees first time putting out an issue of daze, so there’s bound to be countless mistakes — grammatical and otherwise. They even made up a few new words along the way, these two. Erica Stein and Andrew Gilman are slowly transitioning into our respective positions. Scary, scary times.

All the same, as they’ll be running things around here from now on (everything except this coveted Editor’s Note, mind you), we feel you should get to know your new editors.

Erica hails from Switzerland and though she speaks little English (and understands even less), we felt she was uniquely qualified to fill the EIC’s shoes (oh, wait, she doesn’t have any feet either). Don’t laugh, most people from Switzerland don’t.

As for Andrew, don’t let the “stupid” look fool you. Blame his parents, those hippies (who never even tried pot, ever — really, I swear). He makes a great deal out of his “Illadelphia” roots (see his review on p. 11), but in reality he lives in Wynnewood, a preppy suburb of Philly. So much for “keepin’ it real.”

So these are your new ambassadors to the world of arts and entertainment. Get to know them.

Archived article by Ben Kupstas