January 30, 2003

Hopes and Dreams

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Now that the palindrome year is complete, it’s time to consider the potential for 2003 to produce some monumental moments in the worlds of movies and music. Although we cannot control the future … yet … we can always hope and dream.

On/Off Screen


George Lucas is strapped to that chair from A Clockwork Orange by Peter Jackson and forced to watch Lord of the Rings until he remembers how to make a good fantasy movie.

Disney stops making “direct to video” sequals of all their good movies.

Whoever greenlighted Kangaroo Jack is stopped. Permanently. Killed maybe. By boxing kangaroos.

Billy Wilder’s great films like The Apartment and Sunset Boulevard are re-released in memory of his extraondinary career.

Kirsten Dunst makes more movies like The Cat’s Meow.

More people see movies like The Cat’s Meow.

Music Musings


Jack and Meg of the White Stripes release an album even better than their previous three, and turn the globe into one giant peppermint candy.

Bowie teaches Avril a lesson for mis-pronouncing his name. The punishment? Well, that’s up to Ziggy.

The surviving Boy Band leftovers fall off the face of the peppermint candy the White Stripes created. Their existence is no longer “justified.”

The Strokes prove they’re not just a one-album wonder.

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera fall in love (with each other), give up music (the crux), move to Vermont, and live quietly. With granola.

Mainstream hip-hop loses the bling-bling, and the girly sing-sing — that is they start getting real like they always said they were, and not every other song is a male rapper with a female R&B hook.

Jim O’Rourke wins a Grammy, which prompts everyone to ask, “Who is Jim O’Rourke?” Except those who know.

Back in Black by Michael Jackson

Archived article by Sun Staff