January 30, 2003

Take One

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Last Sunday’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers victory in Super Bowl XXXVII was watched by tens of millions of people, and as usual, much attention was paid to the most expensive commercial slots on television. Now, here’s an awards-style look back at this past Sunday’s breaks from the action.

Best Appearance by an NBA player

This prestigious award goes to the 7’5” rookie center of the Houston Rockets, Yao Ming. Yao, who apparently boasts natural acting talent, appears in a humorous Visa Check Card commercial in which a store sign points out that no checks are allowed. “Yo,” says the clerk, pointing to the sign. “Yao,” insists the NBA star. Not surprisingly, Yao did not further demonstrate his English-speaking skills.

Best Upcoming Film Commercial

While Daredevil and Hulk look like deeply intriguing films (I’m kidding