February 7, 2003

Icers Hope to End Slide Against Green

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The Dartmouth Jinx?

Like Bigfoot and Area 51, some say it exists and some say it doesn’t. The icers themselves don’t believe in it. It has nothing to do with Dartmouth, say the players and coaches, it’s just a bad coincidence that the Red hasn’t played high-caliber hockey against the Green.

“We lost to them a lot of times, but why did we lose to Colgate?” asked senior co-captain Doug Murray. “We didn’t play a good game.”

“We haven’t come out with a fire in our stomach and aggressiveness, and you go back in a lot of the notes I have, our effort, especially early on in the game, has been very disappointing,” said head coach Mike Schafer ’86.

Other members of the team won’t even discuss the jinx.

“I’m not answering any questions about Dartmouth,” stated senior co-captain Stephen B