February 7, 2003

Polo Hosts Club Teams

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The polo teams will look to sharpen their skills this weekend. The men’s team plays Buffalo at 7:30 p.m. tonight, while the women take on D.C. at 8:15 p.m. tomorrow.

Last week both teams decimated Purdue, with the men winning 22-9 and the women 30-5. Junior Senter Johnson recorded 15 goals for the men, while senior Taylor McLean had 10 for the women.

While Buffalo and D.C. are club teams, it does not mean the Red can take this weekend lightly.

“They are going to be very tough teams,” said head coach David Eldredge ’81. “They are every bit as strong as Virginia, which is what we’re viewing them as.”

Eldredge has good reasons for doing so. Both Buffalo and D.C sport national champions and former Cornellians on their rosters.

Buffalo showcases Jeff Embow ’01 who won a national championship with Colorado State before he transferred to Cornell. Besides leading the Red to Nationals, Embow was also voted 2001’s Collegiate Player of the Year.

Eldredge is hoping that Buffalo’s experience will challenge the Red.

“Age and maturity is something that makes them a big tougher,” said Eldredge.

Look for Johnson, junior Jeff Markle and senior Jacob LeClair to go the distance for the Red tonight. Eldredge is looking to give the trio some quality riding time before UVA comes to town.

Sophomore Molly Buck, juniors Marissa Bianchi and Harriet Antczak, and McLean are all expected to ride for the women’s team, with Buck and Antczak splitting time.

Overall, Eldredge is looking for more offensive production from his younger players before they hit regionals. To accomplish this the women’s team has been running various shooting drills and tactical plays in practice.

One of D.C.’s premier players is Melissa Riggs ’02. Besides her experience as a three time National Champion and All-American, the former lady rider brings her penchant for winning.

“She doesn’t like to lose,” Eldredge said. “I’m looking for her to be quite tough.”

Eldredge is especially excited about the women’s match, as it will give the team an extra challenge.

“There’s no team that’s been able to take [the women] to the edge,” said Eldredge. “This team has a chance against us. If we stumble, they’ll come out on top against us.

“We’re going to have to earn it. No doubt about that.”

Archived article by Matt Janiga