February 13, 2003

Campus Couture

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Valentine’s Day is a curious occasion in which we aspire to live up to our idealized visions of that perfect romantic moment, only to be let down when our expectations fall flat. Girls fantasize about being showered with gifts; hoping to receive roses and a lovely dinner at a chi-chi establishment. In reality, their stressed boyfriends probably waited until the last minute to do anything, and they must pay for it when the once ubiquitous heart-shaped cards are sold out at the local drugstore.Valentine’s Day gifts are simply tacky in general, especially the clothing items. Hopefully you will not fall victim to receiving cheesy red boxers and pajamas from the one you love, but if the chances are good that you will, here’s a list of things you should be getting. (If the gifts don’t even remotely measure up to these, it’s time to toss out that old unappreciative Valentine and start fishing for another.)

Don’t: Old Navy’s $5 Valentine’s Day Tee

Sometimes, it’s not the thought that counts, and it’s price that does. Receiving cheap, mass-produced t-shirts means he thinks you’re cheap and super low-maintenance.

Do: Abercrombie & Fitch’s $44.50 Sheer Floral Blouse

This is a much smarter investment, for the rose patterns and shades keep it consistent with the themes of Valentine’s, but it can still be worn with much enthusiasm well after the holiday.

Don’t: Designer Imposters’ $3.99 Primo Body Spray

First of all, it’s an insult to get a cheap knock-off of anything. This is a clear sign he doesn’t think you’re worthy of the real deal, so dump him if he has the nerve to throw this into your hands.

Do: Christian Dior’s $57.50 Addict Addicted to Love Set

The blue and gold packaging, as well as the high-brow brand name of this perfume scent, obviously reflects how elegant and classy he thinks you are.

Don’t: Urban Outfitters’ $18 Love Charm Necklace

This clunky ensemble of the words “love” and a purple heart trinket looks like a craft made by a preschooler. It might’ve been cute way back when, but you’re a grown woman, not a toddler, and you deserve better.

Do: Tiffany & Co.’s $395 Ten Row Heart Toggle Necklace

Face it, we live in a material world, and all girls are material girls. If your man hands you that unmistakable blue bag and hangs the cool sterling silver over your neck, he’s a keeper.

Archived article by Sherry Jun