February 13, 2003


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Wacko Jacko Fights Backo

ABC scored a huge hit with its Thursday night airing of a documentary about the life of Michael Jackson. Here comes the backlash. Jackson has filed complaints with two agencies that oversee English television, claiming that he was “unfairly treated,” and had his privacy violated.

He’s angry that the presentation of “Living With Michael Jackson,” the up close and personal special that aired first in Britain then on ABC’s “20/20” last Thursday night “contains the clear innuendo that Mr. Jackson is guilty of inappropriate behavior with children.” I’m not a lawyer, but I can’t see any authorities siding with Jacko. Perhaps it was the way he confessed that he had “slept in a bed with many children,” calling the experience “charming.” The pop sensation turned alien-faced freak known as Wacko Jacko has officially checked into Neverland, and I don’t just mean his amusement park estate in Santa Barbara, California.

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