February 14, 2003

W. Squashers Attend Nationals

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What this comes down to, really, is love. Love is coming back to your sport after a year off, like senior Becca Brier-Rosenfield. Love is adjusting to college life and college squash at the same time, like freshman Cory Warfield. Love is coming back from injury and sickness, like freshmen Claire Zipf and Yasmin Fahr. Love is not accepting the notion of a “rebuilding year.” Love is coming to practice every day ready to work hard and improve. Love is one last shot at immortality. Love is Nationals.

It’s appropriate then that today — Valentine’s Day — the women’s squash team will participate in the Women’s Intercollegiate Squash Association Championships held in New Haven, Conn. The Yale campus plays host to squash teams from all over the country this weekend for the annual team competition.

The Red will have a hard road and a low seed through the three-day tourney, due to itsmiddle-of-the-road regular season record of five wins and seven losses.

The women will play up to three matches per day, depending on match results. The Cornell women are ready for such a task, as they have met teams back-to-back several times this season.

Of course, such a physical burn carried over three days will certainly affect one’s play. Victory will go to the most stalwart survivor, to the team with the biggest heart.

This is the last weekend that the women will compete together as a team; the final tournament of the year, held at Trinity College on Feb. 28, is the Individual National Championships.

The men’s team will compete in its team nationals at Princeton Feb. 21-24.

Archived article by Per Ostman