February 20, 2003

Campus Couture

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A large group of spiffily dressed, well-suited Cornell students are gracing the campus, and they aren’t the usual suspects of Hotel students. This sudden trend of style conscientiousness can only mean one thing — interviewing time is in the air. Recruiters from various corporations are making their rounds to our school with the intent of weeding out the bright and shining wheat from the lowly chaff, and planting a whole new crop of an elite work force for their super-selective internships and coops. To win the business bigwigs over, young college coeds are wooing with sharp answers and sharp dressing. Smart, articulate, and so fashionably put together — these fresh-faced kids have got it all in one slick package.

But shouldn’t Microsoft care more about whether the string in your computer program produces the right output rather than how well you can keep the string of your new Oxford dress shoes tied? Maybe to an extent. After all, it’s Bill Gates, and not Bill Blass, that’s ruling the world right now. However, let’s say that both Bills were equal in intelligence, and it simply came down to rolling dice to see which of the two gets picked for the job. Substance, or style and substance? The choice is clear, and may the best-dressed man win.

How do you know if you’re doing things right, or if you’re erring on this side of frumpiness? Here are some tips on how to look just right for that big momentous interview with the corporation of choice.


The key is to look classy and conservative. Invest in a dress or pant suit cut in a timeless style that’ll last you several interviews. Make sure you don’t call attention to cleavage or knee and thigh, because, mind you, you’re going job hunting, not clubbing. You can also piece together an ensemble of nice trousers and a blouse, such as Ann Taylor’s $59 blue & white stripe shirt and $89 relaxed d-ring pants. Finish the look with a nice pair of closed-toe loafers such as Nine West’s $59 Paley pumps and a $49.50 pearl necklace from ice.com, and you’ll be all set to break through the glass ceiling and become a powerhouse female CEO.


Again, invest in a classic, tailored suit. One suit can look like 10 different outfits because of the variation effect produced by the mixing and matching of several ties and dress shirts. However, seeing that this is college and all, you can get away with a simple ensemble of a dress shirt, tie, pants, and leather shoes. Try Banana Republic’s $58 haberdashery striped shirt and $98 Dawson dress trouser. Brooks Brothers’ $42.50 burgundy jockey stripe tie should complement the look nicely. Step into a nice, polished pair of J. Crew’s $118 Decker apron-front oxfords, and you’ll be ready to turn that step into a leap up the corporate ladder.

Archived article by Sherry Jun