February 20, 2003

Editor's Note

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Oh, we just had peanut butter Power Bars, the “Protein Plus” kind. They’re yummy, but boy do they make us gassy. By “us” we mean Nate. We also had some O.J. (by “we” we mean Ben). More and more studies are showing that Americans are chonically dehydrated, contributing to a number of common illnesses and disorders, among them gastroenteritis. Some orange juice is watered down. Not mine (by “mine” we mean ours — we share!).

By the way, as we only have two more Editors’ Notes to write, we thought we’d let you know that this duo isn’t breaking up Yoko style. That’s right, Ben and Nate will be roomies next year. We plan to do lots of guy stuff like watching football games and baking the occasional banana bread. If you’re cool, we’ll invite you to one of our crochet parties — they’re a scream!

In case we’ve led you all to doubt our heterosexuality, he’s some major testosterone talk for you. Chan Marshall is the sexiest, most beautiful woman alive. Just think of all the puns we could have used to title Nate’s review on page 11 (use your imaginations). Next year, Nate and Ben are going to sit in recliners, eat buffalo wings, and discuss how sexy Chan is. All day (nights are for bubble baths and hot cocoa).

As our reign as editors nears its conclusion, Ben and Nate are taking some time to reflect. For instance, why do Ben and Nate often refer to themselves in the third person in their Editors’ Notes? These are big, changing times.

Also, why did we think it was a good idea to give our section to Erica and Andrew? I mean, does “Erica and Andrew” sound nearly as nice as “Ben and Nate”?

Alright, enjoy the issue kids. There’ll be only one more coming your way from the dynamic duo (and by “dynamic duo” we mean Batman and Robin).

Archived article by Ben Kupstas