February 27, 2003

Life Not Worth Watching

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Sometimes movies just try too hard. The Life of David Gale, starring Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet, is one of these films. With such powerhouse stars, this film should have excelled but instead just sort of fell flat.

For anyone who has seen any previews of this movie, it is about a man on death row (Spacey) and the reporter who is trying to save him (Winslet). The movie also stars Laura Linney as a fellow death penalty abolitionist of Spacey’s.

The political message that was trying to be taught in this film regarding the pros and cons of capital punishment was very mixed. Disturbing at times when evaluating life vs. death, the film did not seem to handle this issue in an effective manner. And at the end, the message was not clear or even portrayed right and, if anything, objectionable.

The movie itself was very clich