February 27, 2003

Test Spin: Echoboy

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The third release from Echoboy (a.k.a. Richard Warren), Giraffe, is an amalgam of some of the greatest voices in music. Influences ranging from David Bowie to Bob Dylan can be heard throughout the album. However, Warren is far from unoriginal — many would be hard-pressed to find another artist that sounds anything like him.

Giraffe was produced by legendary U2 producer Flood, who aided Warren in creating a record consisting of ten tracks from about 60 possible songs. The whole album is a statement of Warren’s excellent vocal talent and compositional skill.

Giraffe’s first single, “Automatic Eyes,” is at its heart a poppy song that characterizes the energy of the entire album. Other great tunes include “Nearly All the Time” and the soothing “Summer Rhythm.” Each track is unique in its own way, yet easily fits well with the rest of the record. All songs contain a pleasant mix of different musical styles with creative and sometimes funny lyrics.

Often, artists like Echoboy are grouped along with boring techno and electronica groups. In Echoboy’s case, however, the genre of music isn’t clearly defined — and that’s a good thing.

Archived article by Ratheet Pandya