February 27, 2003

The Scene Is Heard

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Jennie Stearns

interview By alexis


It is the candied sweetness of honey dissolved in the soothing vigor of chamomile — the experience of numb hands that clutch a mug of playfully teasing steam. This is the art of Jennie Stearns, a singer/songwriter characterized by veracious lyrics that resonate her stories. A leading influence in the local music scene, Jennie’s raw honesty generates soul-stirring moments. Following the release of her new album, Sing Desire, daze had the opportunity to speak with her.

daze: Do you regard the local scene as a sort of family?

Jennie Stearns: Yes … family in all meanings of the word.

daze : How did you become involved with Donna the Buffalo and why are you no longer playing with them?

JS: I was friends with The Puryears, Tara Nevins, Jim Miller, and Shane Lamphier for a few years before the band formed. We had a healthy dose of parties at our house, and sharing songs was a big part of those gatherings. I left due to personal conflict and differences. I always loved the music when I was in that band. Sometimes the music just isn’t enough though. I still feel connected with the band members. It’s in my blood. It’s family.

daze : How did you meet your husband, Richie Stearns — was it through your musical interests?

JS: When I first moved to town and saw the Horse Flies play, I absolutely felt drawn to Richie through his music.

daze : How does the fact that you are both musicians affect your relationship?

JS: I like the fa`