March 4, 2003

Delta Delta Delta Hosts Singled Out

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Singled Out may have been abandoned by MTV, but it was revived at the Chariot on Saturday night.

The Delta Delta Delta sorority sponsored and organized the philanthropy event last weekend, modeled after the popular MTV television program. Two male and two female contestants tested their skills as well as a pool of applicants competing for a perfect date and a gourmet dinner. The proceeds were donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital for cancer research.

Jade Bailey-Assam ’05 replaced Jenny McCarthy as the show’s host. The two female contestants were Lexi Damascus ’03 of Delta Delta Delta and Sloane Giddon ’05 from the Sigma Delta Tau sorority. The two male contestants were Eric Jones ’03, member of the Sigma Nu fraternity, and Gayraud Townsend ’05.

“I got an IM from my friend in Tri Delt and she asked me to participate and told me that it was for a good cause,” Jones said.

Townsend, who has lost family members to cancer, was also happy to participate and help raise money for the cause.

The contest worked much like the MTV original.

“The way it works is there were two rounds. The first round the contestants chose categories,” explained Stephanie Dondero ’05, philanthropy chair of Delta Delta Delta. “Under each category were two possible choices. The contestant picked one of the choices; all of the applicants that did not pick the same choice had to leave. This was continued till it was down to three to five people.”

The remaining applicants had to answer a series of questions to the contestants, and the dates were narrowed down to one person. The winners got a date with the contestants and dinner at Lucatelli’s Ristorante, Boatyard Grill, the Station or John Thomas Steakhouse.

Jones got to take his date, Julia Markish ’03, to the Station.

“Anyone who has a big enough heart to donate money to this cause is a good person,” he said before the show began.

This year, Delta Delta Delta renewed its tradition of using the popular game show to raise money after skipping out on it last year. Dondero recently went to St. Jude’s Hospital to see it for herself.

“This is our national philanthropy and we raise money for it every year,” Dondero said.

The event raised over $1,000 for the hospital.

“We will send it to the hospital and they will decide how to use it,” Dondero said.

Archived article by Veronika Belenkaya