March 6, 2003

Editor's Note

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Andrew and Erica. A and E. Arts and Entertainment. Coincidence? We think not. We were born for this job, and if you think we’re kidding, please allow us to introduce ourselves. Andrew is music and Erica is movies (we both prefer obscure and pretentious selections as befitting our positions. Except when we don’t). Andrew is Philly and Erica is Jersey. Andrew is apples and Erica is oranges. Andrew is nice and Erica is … not. Also, as our fearless former leaders Nate and Ben have pointed out multiple times, Andrew is a guy and Erica is … not. But before further addressing the new daze reigeme we should tell you how the last one ended: as a love story for the ages.

From the first day on the job, there shined a twinkle in the eyes of both Ben and Nate, only a hint of the romance that was to come. Along with awkward gazes from the across the crowded newsroom, at first they sublimated their mutual desire. But in no time, they became as comfortable as two peas in a pod, or a man’s junk in a firm pair of long johns, if you will. As you know, the culmination of their passion will be their union in the pimpin’ of a shared pad in the forthcoming year. Here’s to you fellas! Let us raise our proverbial glasses to their wondrous future.

Andrew and Erica can only hope to live up to their example, except for the whole love thing and living together.

Archived article by Andrew Gilman