March 6, 2003

Live Nude Girls (and Boys)

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This weekend, the Schwartz Center for Theatre Arts presents its annual Dance performance, Living Just to the Left of Burlesque. Just in time for Mardi Gras, the show brings as much energy, flare — and, yes, naked bodies — to the Performing Arts Center as Carnivale will to Bourbon street this week. Superb dancing and thought-provoking artistic experimentation guarantee to keep even the most amateur dance audience entertained — and engaged in an impressive level of interpretation.

We non-artists often search ourselves for the meaning, the story behind a given work. Unlike a textbook on literature — or even some literature itself — modern dance does not dabble in the presentation of concrete ideas. Instead, dancers tend to see their work more as experiments with images, forms and ideas. As director Byron Suber put it, “People think they have to get a meaning