March 7, 2003

Bonnies Need to See Bigger Picture

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For someone whose name appears in the paper frequently, I was exceedingly proud to see my name listed in Sun, and it didn’t just have to do with its close proximity to another name on campus. To be honest, I don’t remember when I signed an anti-war statement. I probably thought that it was a pathetic ruse from an S.A. candidate (sign up if you’re against the war in Iraq, and if you will never support a fenced in catered Slope Day) — but I was honored to be one of the 1,001 reasons not to go to war. Hey, of all the things that I could be associated with in the paper, that’s probably one of your safer choices.

On the other hand, the student anti-war protest “Books not Bombs,” which ironically had students ignoring their books and dropping verbal bombs on Day Hall, did little to enforce my belief that we students can be heard.

Even more depressing is that another pseudo-student protest among just over one dozen athletes at a school one-seventh the size of Cornell is garnering more attention than the high schools and colleges of the nation.

Just what did the St. Bonaventure basketball team think it was accomplishing when it decided to cancel the rest of its season? Sure, the players would be disappointed to find out that transfer student Jamil Terrell was ineligible according to NCAA regulations. The fact that the Bonnies had to forfeit six games for the university’s oversight hurt the team’s morale and its chances for a promising postseason. The conference’s decision to exclude the Bonnies from the Atlantic-10 tournament is harsh. But no matter what, you don’t quit.

The team decided to end its season with Saturday’s 78-77 loss to Temple. It had two games left, including its Senior Night game scheduled for tomorrow.

Now the A-10 is thinking of booting the Bonnies out of the conference for these actions. This issue has been escalating exponentially since Monday’s initial A-10 announcement.

Bonnies: We’re going to stack our roster with an ineligible player.

A-10: We’re going to take away six of your games, and guess what