March 12, 2003

McClay Sculpts National Contender

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Running up Buffalo Street every day in the middle of January before practice has even begun does not sound very appealing. But to Ryan McClay, it was just another step to prepare for the 2003 season.

The two-year captain and three-time All-American has had a storied career in his first three years on the Hill, amassing just about every accolade a college athlete could hope to earn. Yet it is his character, not his accomplishments, that teammates and coaches have come to know and respect.

If you ask Cornell head coach Jeff Tambroni about his all-star, the first things he will tell you are what a hard worker and great leader he is. The accomplishments come later — much later.

In fact, there are many things that don’t show up when you first glance at McClay’s lacrosse r