March 13, 2003

Campus Couture

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Call me crazy, but I think skin is our most important accessory. After all, we wear it every day. What are you doing to keep it in prime condition? The most important tips I can give you are to stay out of the sun and don’t smoke. You should also consider getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and cutting down on alcohol consumption. I know those suggestions aren’t exactly conducive to the college lifestyle, but those are also the no-cost ways to keep your skin happy. After that, it’s gonna cost you. But it doesn’t have to cost you the arm and the leg you just spent an hour trying to preserve. Here are a few of the products I use to put my best face forward.

Wash and Scrub

Did your mother make you wash your face twice a day? Mine did, and she had the right idea. Wash once in the morning to remove the oil and dirt that accumulate during sleep, and once right before you go to bed (after you work out isn’t such a bad idea either). To keep breakouts to a minimum, I use Jurlique Ultra Sensitive face wash $38/200ml. ( Its tea tree oil dried up the problem breakout areas other cleansers couldn’t solve, and the super light formula washes away impurities without leaving my skin with a dry, tight feeling. If you’re not loving that price tag, check out St. Ives Ultra Gentle for Sensitive Skin $3.99 for 6 fl oz. ( Technically an exfoliating scrub, it smells great and polishes your skin until it is smooth and radiant.

Tingly and Minty

Sometimes, daily cleansings can’t get at what’s lurking deep within your pores. That’s when it’s time to call in the heavy hitter — the pore cleansing masques. The Diotomamus Earth Masque for Oily/Combination Skin from B. Kamins -Chemist $42 for 4.6 oz. ( uses clay and herbal extracts to draw out impurities and shrink pores, and promises to leave skin smoother and firmer. It is also available in a formula for normal to dry skin. On the less expensive side, Queen Helene offers a pleasantly tingly (and effective) Mint Julep Masque $2.99 for 8 oz. (

Soft and Strong

I’ve always had a difficult time finding a face lotion that will leave my skin soft without being greasy, but I know that my early 20’s is not too soon to prevent wrinkles. That’s why I use Lather’s Vitamin C facial serum $45 for 1 fl oz. ( It gets rid of that awful tight feeling dry skin gives me and makes my face soft and smooth. The vitamin C is also a key fighter in the battle against aging (Yes, this is something I worry about now. Words like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and Botox horrify me). A cheaper option is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion $11.99 for 2.5 fl oz. ( It’s chock full of vitamins and also contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which work to improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

Archived article by Kate McDowell