March 14, 2003

Pilot Program Comes to End

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The end of this week signals the beginning of spring break, it also marks an end to the Student Assembly’s (S.A.) Pilot College Newspaper Program responsible for the free distribution of various publications to Cornell students.

The program started as a resolution made by S. A. member Josh Bronstein ’05.

“The purpose of the pilot program is to gauge student interest and get students excited about reading national newspapers on a daily basis,” Bronstein said.

To fulfill its purpose, the Pilot College Newspaper Program began distributing free issues of The New York Times and USA Today Feb 24 across campus for a full three weeks.

Though the program has provided two highly reputable daily news publications, it also excluded some local publications. When the program was implemented last year, The Ithaca Journal was also offered.

“If there is overwhelming demand for additional papers, we can work them into a full time program. Last year, The Sun chose not to participate, [but] I think The Sun would be a great addition to a full time readership program,” Bronstein said.

Though the program was enacted by the S.A., USA Today also played a fundamental role in the program by funding the full cost of the program. Although students have reaped the benefits of this year’s program with no cost to the University, funding of any future programs remains questionable.

“If implemented full time next year, it is our hope the cost of the program would be shared between the Student Assembly and the administration,” Bronstein said.

Response from students appears to testify to a high demand for similar programs in the future.

“I think that having such easy access to the news has helped me formulate more informed opinions, and I hope that the program will be able to continue in the future,” said Summer Day ’04.

Though questions regarding funding of future programs remain, the success of this year’s program make implementation of a more permanent program look auspicious.

“I believe the S.A. College Newspaper Program has been extremely successful. Students throughout campus have approached me asking for us to

continue the program and I encourage next year’s leadership to continue negotiations,” said S.A. President Noah Doyle ’03.

Archived article by Carrie Tremblatt