April 2, 2003

Cornell's Ingenious Frozen Four Ticket Distribution Plans Thwarted

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After years of controversy surrounding distribution of men’s hockey season tickets to students, the athletic ticket office had settled on a novel method of issuing tickets for the Red’s appearance in the Frozen Four — a helicopter drop over the arts quad.

Cornell would have been allotted 250 tickets for the Frozen Four, 150 of which were to be set aside for boosters, administrators, and player comps. Vouchers for the remaining 100 tickets would have been dropped from a chopper at noon on Saturday afternoon.

“We’ve had a lot of debate over what the best way to give students tickets is,” said ticket office manager Gene Nighman. “In years past, the student ticket line has always produced arguments over whether the best or most deserving fans ended up with the best seats. So this time, with only 100 to hand out, we decided to literally throw it to the wind.”

The drop was scheduled for Saturday so that students would not have to miss classes for the event.

Students who end up with the vouchers will be able to bring them to the ticket office in Bartels Hall to claim their tickets. They will go for their face value of $40 per game, bringing the total price for the two semifinal games and championship game to $120.

Naturally, the latest distribution plan has students buzzing with displeasure once again.

“I consider myself a pretty loyal fan,” said senior Linus O’Pallday, who has attended every home game and several away games this season, including the postseason contests in Albany, N.Y. and Providence, R.I. “But I’m only 5-6, and there’s no way I’ll be able to fight off people to get myself a voucher, let alone one for my friend, who won’t be here this weekend for the drop.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: April Fools! We got you this time. This story is not real.

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