April 3, 2003

Editor's Note

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April snow showers bring quite a bit of stress to The Sun offices (really, we only have the one, but the plural makes us feel important). All kinds of obstacles have beset us this week — well, let’s just say this: you remember that guy Job? He had nothing on us.

How do we deal with our massive amount of stress, you may ask? It’s simple. We play lots and lots of great music. Well, until fights break out over whether Bono is the greatest frontman in the history of rock or a whiny little bitch (for the record, our Sports department maintains the former opinion, Erica holds the latter, and Andrew occupies some kind of middle ground).

As the music gurus of The Cornell Daily Sun, the daze editors must have proper control over our office stereo “by any means necessary.” Here is our manifesto: War is beautiful. Aesthetics are worth fighting for. If we have to blow out the speakers to save The Sun from bad music, so be it. Viva la Revoluci