April 3, 2003

Hybrid Theory Redux?

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As long as the alienated youth continue to feel the pains of emotional turmoil, Linkin Park will be there to rap, shout, and sing their frustrations. The band has gotten to the top of the rock world by fusing rap, metal, and pop into commercialized, radio-ready fodder arguably better than any of their nu-metal counterparts. Even last summer’s highly disposable hip-hop remix album, Reanimation, was snatched up and loved by the hardcore fans if only because it held their appetites for new material.

Linkin Park stay true to their trademark sound by not messing with success on Meteora, the legitimate follow-up to 2001’s album sales champ Hybrid Theory. It comes off as a familiar crowd pleaser, not unlike one of those unnecessary sequels Hollywood churns out every time it has a blockbuster on its hands. Thus like these films, Meteora may have a bigger budget and better production values than its predecessor, but it still has the same plot with a clich