April 9, 2003

In Search of Real School Spirit

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Cornell sucks. Yes I, the virgin of all curse words, just said that. I know it is something you may have recited after receiving a poor prelim grade, or another parking ticket, but this time it’s for real. Cornell really does suck. Now I know that I only have four weeks of classes left, but I think I’m going to transfer. Do you have any suggestions?

Right now I’m considering Syracuse, and this weekend I’m going to look and see if they’ll accept my credits. The way I see it, they just won the national title, Marshall Street was packed, and everyone was going crazy jumping into chants of “We’re number one.”

The bars in Armory Square were filled to capacity with students and fans dressed in orange and the juke boxes playing “We are the Champions.” What more could you ask for than that?

Leading up to the Final Four, there was a huge pep rally at Manley Field House to show support, all fans donned orange, the students even slept outside in the snow to get tickets to New Orleans. Even cooler, one student waiting for tickets got Carmelo Anthony’s autograph on a malt liquor bottle at midnight just because he couldn’t find paper. And during both the semifinal and the final game, CBS kept cutting to the Carrier Dome to show thousands of fans watching the game together, cheering on their Orangemen!

Or wait, what about Maryland? I mean, at Maryland, they cancel classes when there is a football game during the week. Imagine canceling school for a football game; we don’t even cancel school if there is two feet of snow on the ground. But even on the days when the Terps have to find their way to class, Cole Field House was opened for the students to come and watch the NCAA Basketball championship game together last year.