April 10, 2003

Sing Us A Song

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A sold out Bailey Hall moved to the fingers and voice of Ben Folds this past Sunday. From sitting, to standing, to singing, the audience and Folds connected quite easily through the piano’s man humouros antics and brimming energy. Apt to play his piano while dancing or chase a tom across stage for an impromptu drum solo, Folds revealed his stunning versatility as well as musicianship. And with songs like “Philosophy,” “Annie Waits,” “Underground,” and a cover of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer,” the audience couldn’t help but share the rapture with which Folds played. Before Ben took the stage, sister songstresses Tegan and Sara warmed up the crowd with their blend of pop-punky folk. Fortunately, thanks to the Cornell Concert Commission, daze had an opportunity to speak with both Tegan and Ben Folds before the show.

Backstage with Tegan

Backstage in Bailey Hall, one half of the Canadian duo, Tegan, sat down with daze to talk of touring, and afterwards, joined up with Sara to deliver a mellow set of delicate guitar rock.

daze: How is the adjustment going for you from playing coffee-shop type settings to large arenas?

Tegan: In Canada we’ve been playing for so many years, I feel like the understanding is there, that we like to talk and that they indulge us, and they let us do that. In the U.S. it’s just different everywhere we go … it definitely keeps you humble. It’s a good opportunity for us