April 10, 2003

The Go-Betweens

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Everyone needs a car ride album; something that makes you think, “Gee, the hills look nice today.” The Go-Betweens must have driven around for a few days while composing their latest, because Bright Yellow Bright Orange seems to fit the bill nicely … maybe a little too nicely.

Bright Yellow contains some deftly written, folky-poppy songs that can’t but make you ease back in the driver’s seat, and enjoy the road. Songs like “Caroline and I” and “Too Much of One Thing” are pure head-boppin’, guitar-strummin’ pleasure. There’s just enough instrumental ingenuity to keep the songs interesting, but also enough simplicity of songwriting to create an accessible sound.

Still, poppy, acoustic guitar flavored ballads can usually only take so much play time before the gumball shine starts to wear off. The Go-Betweens’ songs are no exception.

All in all, the album doesn’t break any boundaries in the pop music realm, but it’s worth a spin in the car stereo, even if it’s ultimately doomed to the backseat floor.

Archived article by Thea Brown