April 11, 2003

Man Falls to Death in Gorge

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At approximately 5 p.m. yesterday, an unidentified man fell to his death from the Stewart Avenue bridge.

The Ithaca Police Department has not released any information on the incident.

Officers were still investigating the case late yesterday evening when The Sun called for details.

Stephanie Sharp ’04 said she was at the site of the incident when police first arrived at the scene.

About 10 onlookers were at the bridge at that time, she said, and one police car was approaching the bridge.

“You could hear all the sirens everywhere, [and] more people started funneling in,” she said.

According to Sharp, she saw a white male lying face-down on the gorge below the bridge wearing green pants and a black shirt.

“It wasn’t dark at all,” Sharp said. “You could see everything clearly.”

Archived article by Sun Staff