April 18, 2003

Crews Hit Road for Regattas

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This weekend, the lightweight men’s crew will have a chance to redeem itself. After a disappointing performance last weekend, the Red has been preparing for tomorrow’s regatta against Columbia and MIT in New York tomorrow.

Head coach Todd Kennett ’91 has used this past week to sharpen the Red’s strategy.

“Things are looking up, this week has been a good building week,” said Kennett.

The to-do list this week included shuffling the rowers around to improve the boats’ times.

Kennett seems pleased with the way things look heading into this week’s regatta.

“I’m happy with it. I switched the guys around in different seats to create a different chemistry, and I’m happy with it.”

Along with different seats and a different chemistry, the Red hopes to get different results, especially against Columbia. The Lions boast the second fastest boat in the league, and will present more of a challenge for the Red than MIT.

But Kennett doesn’t think that winning the race will be most the most important thing this weekend.

“We can beat them, but I am worried that we have to have a solid race,” said Kennett. “[A] win or loss, that’s not important. We need to stick with [Columbia] through the first 1500.”

In other crew action, the women will travel to Philadelphia to compete against Penn and Rutgers.

The men’s heavyweight crew will visit Syracuse this weekend for a regatta against Navy and the Orangemen. The Red dominated at home last weekend, sweeping all three races while earning the Howard Smith trophy.

The crews each have two regattas scheduled before the EARC championships take place on May 11 in Worcester, Mass.

Archived article by Adrienne Dunbar