April 24, 2003

Cornell Cinema

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If I learned anything from Sam Raimi’s cult classic Army of Darkness (a sequel to the Evil Dead series), it’s how to defend myself from ravenous hordes of undead skeletons. OK, so maybe I actually didn’t learn all that much, but I certainly laughed my ass off. I laughed at the parts that were supposed to be funny. I laughed even harder at the parts that weren’t really meant to be funny, but were anyway. You see, this is one of those movies that is so bad — and intentionally bad, at that — that it cycles completely around and becomes a work of genius. I mean, think about it, what kind of brilliant, warped mind does it take to make a film where a mild-mannered housewares employee gets possessed by demons, is forced to chop his own hand off, promptly equips the stump of his arm with a chainsaw, and gets transported back to the 13th Century to lead the fight against an army of zombies? It’s incredible, I tell you.

Nothing is ever enough in this film. Raimi throws in all of the traditional clich