April 24, 2003


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Run-DMC Takes Top Honors in VH1 Hip-Hop Countdown

The famed rap group Run-DMC, labeled as a “pioneering hip-hop act,” was awarded the top position on VH1’s 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Artists show. Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels said he’s humbled by the decision. “What Run-DMC always wanted to do,” McDaniels told The Associated Press on Wednesday, “was represent hip-hop the way it should be represented.” When asked who he would have rated number one, McDaniels suggested Public Enemy because they “said something with (rap). A lot of these cats now coming into the business, they are about show business.”

The list also includes such famed rappers as Tupac, Jay-Z, and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. No word yet as to whether or not Vanilla Ice snuck onto the list. The full 50 names will be unveiled as part of a special presentation set to air this Friday.

I’ll Take New Jeopardy! Records for $200, Alex

Jeopardy!, everyone’s favorite play-along-to-see-how-smart-you-really-are game show has a new all time money champion. His name: Brian Weikle. When he’s not cashing large winnings checks the 33 year-old works as a Target Stores exec in Minnesota. He took home $149,200 in cold hard cash plus a small prize — a brand-spanking new Jaguar. That brings the total winnings up to an estimated $180,000. Good work Brian, and thanks for coming.

“I was so excited . . . that I couldn’t find my car in the airport parking garage,” he said. “For 30 minutes I wandered around four levels looking for it. The whole thing has been a ton of fun.” What a run for someone who is described as a “Karaoke fan who dabbles in computer games.” I am unable to confirm if he is still single or not.

He broke the previous record of $102,597 set in 1990. But not without a little bit of controversy. Jeopardy! purists have pointed out that this record setting total “comes after the Jeopardy! dollar values on the gameboard were doubled in 2001.” Go ahead and attach the proverbial asterisk to this record.

Evel Knievel Rock Opera Gets the Green Light

Evel Knievel, a.k.a. the guy who broke or fractured 37 bones during his motorcycle daredevil career in the 1970s, has agreed to sign over the rights to “Evel Knievel: the Rock Opera.” Jef Bek, a musical director and composer, is the lucky recipient. He met with Knievel in Florida to share his seven-track demo with the 64 year-old Knievel and made the deal official. Bek hopes to turn the project into an “homage to Knievel and to the musical spirit of 1970s bands such as The Who, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.”

“I think it’s a wonderful compliment,” said Knievel, the man whose motorcycle jumps over scores of cars and even canyons have earned him the unofficial title of “stupidest man lucky enough to still be alive.” He has been in retirement since 1980.

Nicholson and Sandler Put Down Box Office Competition

The chock full of cameo comedy Anger Management remained tops at the box office this past weekend, with Jack and Adam raking in $25.5 million to fight off the second place Holes, a Disney-fied version of Louis Sachar’s immensely popular kid book that took in a solid $17.1 million. Jamie Kennedy’s little-anticipated film Malibu’s Most Wanted, inspired by his hidden camera WB network antics, finished in third with $13.1 million.

Archived article by Jason Mednick