April 24, 2003

Test Spin: Longwave

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Duality. Good and bad. Apples and oranges. Light and dark. The Calling and … the Stokes? Our world thrives on such opposites and forces them to coexist, occasionally on the same label. Although it’s easier to choose one, what happens when you identify with both? Are they’re really good and bad sides? Yes, there are; now, who’s side are you on?

The Bad guys see to it that your consciousness is flooded by the omnipotence of slapdash sk8r-boi-punk-bands like Simple 41 or A New Found Plan, increasing your chances to backslide — but if you’re strong, you won’t buy into that. You’ll defy them, and when you do, the Good shall reward you tenfold with talents like Longwave.

The band’s ethereal sound echoes the musical revolution waged last year by acts like the White Stripes. With vocalist Steve Shiltz as your guide and their fusion of traditional rock and ambient genres as their jungle, Longwave travels to places far off the beaten paths tread by their predecessors.

In fact, one of The Strangest Things about Longwave’s latest is that it’s a surprisingly solid album which has gone uncorrupted by the Dark side.

Archived article by Justin Finch