April 25, 2003

Reception Honors Faculty

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The Alpha Delta Phi fraternity and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority co-hosted their first reception to recognize faculty members yesterday. The event was held at the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity house and honored many professors who have affected the lives of many sponsoring chapters’ members.

The event was funded by the Adelphic Cornell Education Fund, an Alpha Delta Phi alumni organization that focuses on education and philanthropy. ACEF helps undergraduates in their academic pursuits by providing loans and grants.

“They also support a variety of endeavors on campus including awards for outstanding students recognized in the freshman writing seminar program,” said Josh Goldstein ’05.

The event was also sponsored by John Dyson ’65, an alumnus of Alpha Delta Phi and a current member of the Board of Trustees.

Members from both chapters were encouraged to invite any professors and advisors who were important to them.

“Anyone you appreciate, you invite. … It’s a way of getting to know the faculty,” Goldstein said. “The idea behind it is that we want to incorporate the faculty into the Greek system a little more. A lot of faculty have a negative impression of the Greek system.”

However, many of the faculty present were pleased with the current Greek system.

“[The Greek system] is a great strength. … It [provides] a more intimate group at such a large school,” said Prof. T.M. Duncan, chemical engineering. He also commented on the important role of the Greek system in maintaining strong relations with alumni.

“We hope this event will help the members of the chapters bond with faculty members, perhaps in classes that are of particular interest to them. This is also a chance for faculty members to see and learn a little bit about the Greek system and the many things it has to offer,” said George Doerre ’04, president of Alpha Delta Phi.

The reception “shows that the Greek system isn’t just about the social scene. [We] go above and beyond,” said Diana Seung ’04, president of Kappa Alpha Theta.

Yesterday’s event differed from the annual Greek system’s faculty appreciation ceremony hosted by Alpha Delta Phi in the fall. That award ceremony was not specific to two chapters and recognized “the best professor from each college,” Goldstein said.

The reception yesterday welcomed many members of the Cornell faculty and administration.

“There’s a wide variety of faculty members [and] we thought it’d be nice to do something for them,” said James Widyn ’05.

“I was really flattered that a student thought of me as having had a positive influence on his Cornell life. I think it’s a great experience for faculty and staff to meet students in the Greek system who are active in philanthropy [and] academic endeavors. … It’s a large facet of Cornell life though not the dominating scene,” said Stephen Friedfeld ’95, assistant dean of admissions and academic advising.

Archived article by Diana Lo