May 1, 2003

Editors' Note

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With all this talk of life transitions and growing up and leaving Ithaca, we’ve developed a nice case of senioritis. There’s a slight problem. Andrew is a junior, Erica is a sophomore, and we both have another semester of editing ahead of us. So, no soulful goodbyes from us. No insights either. Just a promise: we will try and spend these next weeks as if they are our last at Cornell, which means all out partying, nostalgia, and anxiety attacks. Though we probably do all those things anyway. We do, however, have some thank yous to give to the actual seniors. All of them have been great this year, what with actually continuing to write as they faced no certainty except unemployment (they’re mostly all English majors): Thank you for brilliance and creative swearing. Three people in particular deserve our thanks: our copy editors, Tara and Ariel, and our former senior and music editor (and now permanent fixture), Ed. Tara and Ariel have waged a tireless war against comma abuse and tortured syntax. Ed … well, Ed’s done just about everything. Seriously. Ed wrote Cornell Cinema, a massive amount of music reviews, Ed’s Underground, and still found time to show us how not to blow up the building. We don’t know what we’ll do without him. In conclusion … aw fuck it. Why are you still reading? Shouldn’t you be finding the nearest bar and drinking a glass with a tear in your eye? Cheers,

Archived article by Erica Stein