May 1, 2003

Memorial Service Honors Kajikawa

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A memorial service will be held for Mihoko Kajikawa grad today at 10 a.m. in Sage Chapel. A reception will follow in the Founders Room in Anabel Taylor Hall.

Kajikawa was found dead in her collegetown residence last week. The cause of her death remains unknown.

In the wake of four deaths in as many weeks, President Hunter R. Rawlings III sent an e-mail out to the Cornell community yesterday encouraging students to remember that “life is precious and fragile. In the coming days and weeks, as you face end-of-semester deadlines and exams, I urge you all to remember the importance of looking our for your own well-being and that of your fellow students. Take time to eat and rest, and spend time with your friends. Remember that this year’s academic pressures will be behind us soon.”

Rawlings also encouraged students to seek psychological support if necessary and reminded the community that “Slope Day is this Friday. Let’s use this student gathering as a time to affirm the best parts of our community — our friendships, energy and optimism for the future.”

Kent Hubbell ’69, dean of students, also e-mailed the student body yesterday about the new arrangements for Slope Day. He thanked all those students who voiced their opinions about what they thought this year’s festivities should entail. Many students have expressed concerns that the administration’s so-called “fenced in, catered Slope Day” would ruin the 24 year-old tradition. The issue was a dominant one in this year’s Student Assembly elections. Hubbell, however, explained in the e-mail that the plans this year “represent a return to the original model of Slope Day, established by the University in 1979: a concert (Fat Joe and Rusted Root), lots of good food and sale of alcohol to those of legal age.”

Keeping students safe has been of the utmost concern to the administration.

“Don’t engage in self-destructive behavior, and help your friends celebrate in a life-affirming way. Don’t take the chance of destroying everything you’ve worked for by overindulging in alcohol or other drugs,” Rawlings said in yesterday’s e-mail.

Archived article by Freda Ready