July 16, 2003

A Night at The Sun

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It’s an exciting time to be entering Cornell, and an equally exciting time for us at The Sun, Cornell’s only daily student run newspaper.

While construction activity abounds on campus and President Jeffrey S. Lehman ’77 takes Cornell’s reins, we’ve got plenty on our plate down here at The Sun as well.

We’ve recently completed a move into an alumni-purchased building, The Sun’s first permanent home in its 121-year history, at 139 West State Street across from the Commons in downtown Ithaca. The building has undergone extensive renovations; transforming it from a former Elks lodge to a completely wired, state-of-the-art newsroom and office building. Yet, the building itself maintains much of its historic charm, in everything from its marble entranceway to its oak paneled walls.

The Sun hasn’t always had a permanent home — we’ve operated in basements and attics — but we have always had a dedicated staff committed to producing the highest quality product for our readers. Editors, reporters, designers and photographers all share a single common vision: to make this newspaper Ithaca’s premier source for information on news, sports and entertainment.

But how do we do it?


The News section, the paper’s largest, is responsible for tracking and reporting all campus life events and local issues. This includes everything from the upcoming Ithaca mayoral race in November to animal rights protests on Ho Plaza to eMoo [see supplement glossary, page 6] or the latest other scientific discovery.

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