September 4, 2003

Test Spin: American Analog Set

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The American Analog Set is the girl you bring home to your parents. Beautiful and sweet at first glance, she makes you feel good inside — a down-to-earth Texas girl who never speaks metaphorically, working on her PhD in biochemistry at Columbia (as is one of the AAS members).

If I were to go on a blind date and I had to bring three things … well, first I’d sneak a peek at the girl. If she were ugly, I’d bring dirty socks, insect repellant, and a fire extinguisher. If she were cute, then I’d bring chocolate-flavored gelato, Promise of Love, and a case of RU-486.

Promise of Love is the fifth full length from a band that continues to make beautiful music. Do yourself a favor tonight; I know you’re sick of all the frat parties, rap-rock, sex … Stay home and put your new Promise of Love LP into the phonograph player with someone who’ll listen to a record without interrupting (and doesn’t have SARS). Then hold hands like it’s the end of the world.

This is the antithesis to modern rock radio. Feel the vibrations go through you and move you, not beat you over the head. Folks, pick up Promise of Love, relive lazy summer evenings, and let the American Analog Set remind you: there’s nothing wrong with love.

Archived article by Walter Chen