September 10, 2003

Cornell's Fall Promises Excitement

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I’ll be honest.

I don’t have anything to write about. Normally, one would think this is a little early in the year to have no ideas for a column. And, seeing that this is my first column of the year, my predicament is all the more distressing.

I sat at my computer last night trying to come up with something brilliant — or at least readable — to impart. I drew blanks. The U.S. Open, the start of the NFL season, the approaching end of the baseball season, and this weekend’s hockey ticket line all crossed my mind as possibilities. None seemed, however, to be able to yield enough passionate words on my part to actually fill space in today’s paper.

Maybe this is all because my brain is already fried. I’m bogged down with classwork, my head says it’s still summer, and of course, here at The Sun, we have the Fall Sports Supplement coming out on Friday. For the past four days, I’ve devoted so much time to the supplement, I don’t know how I’ve even slept.

Well, maybe that’s something. The start of the fall season brings the inevitable air of excitement to the Hill. Eight of Cornell’s teams will take to the fields, courts, and trails in the next couple of weeks, kicking off what promises to be another exciting year of sports far above Cayuga’s waters.

Take the field hockey team, for example. The stickwomen seem to be having little trouble coping with the unexpected departure of head coach Michelle Tambroni to maternity leave. After making great strides last year to finish with the best record in program history, interim head coach Phil Sykes is set to lead the Red as it prepares to take the next step — a berth in the NCAA tournament.

Or, try the women’s soccer team. Now in his fourth year, head coach Berhane Andeberhan will look to further implement his unique coaching style — one which thus far has yielded impressive results. The squad has not yet won a game, but make no mistake, that zero will not remain in the win column for long.

Now the men’s soccer team — those guys have some work to do. Last year was basically a disaster. But now that Bryan Scales and company know about all that can go wrong, the booters enter this season refreshed and prepared to not let it all go wrong again. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that five members of the squad won national championships in amateur leagues over the summer.

The cross country teams are young and hungry. Coming off Cornell’s sweep of the winter and spring Heps, the harriers will undoubtedly be inspired to extend the Red streak to six. And watching the runners at practice, one can’t help but think that good things are on the horizon for this talented group.

Ah, the football team. Tim Pendergast’s charges silenced some critics last season with their ability to stay in games with the toughest of competition. Now that quarterback Mick Razzano has a year of experience under his belt, he’s primed to carry the Red to even greater success this season. Excitement is on the horizon, indeed.

Wait, I guess I do have quite a bit to write about. I just had to not think about it for a while.

Owen Bochner is a Sun Assistant Sports Editor. In The O-Zone will appear every other Wednesday this semester. He can be contacted at [email protected].

Archived article by Owen Bochner