September 10, 2003

Line Procedure Set

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In what is becoming an Autumn tradition at Cornell, the men’s hockey team’s season ticket line will begin this Friday at 4:45 p.m. behind Bartels hall. While students can expect the usual 35-plus hour wait, they can also expect some changes.

The most notable change in the season ticket process is that no one will be allowed to line up before Friday afternoon.

Director of tickets and events Gene Nighman ’81 has already coordinated nightly patrols with the Cornell police department in order to keep students from gathering. But according to Nighman, the patrols aren’t limited to just Bartels.

"I’ve already met with Cornell Police," he noted. "They told me the building administrator of Biotech has said, ‘nope, no students are going to line up here.’"

In past years, students lined up behind Bartels as many as three days prior to the start of the official ticket line. Recent directives from the university’s administration, however, have been trying to curb the problem.

"Obviously I have a directive from the upper administration not to schedule anything during classes. The official line can’t start until 4:45 p.m. on Friday," said Nighman. "We’re not going to let kids camp out for a week to get tickets. It’s contradictory to the mission of the University."

Another change in this year’s system will be added security to reduce the number of dishonest students in line.

"[Last year] there was a problem early on, before the line numbers were given, with kids that were sneaking in and cutting in line," said Nighman. "I’m going to have totally strict security behind Bartels. No one is coming in and out. There’s not going to be any cutting in line this year."

To enforce his new system, Nighman is brining in extra security. He has also devised new measures to ensure a fair line — measures which are currently under wraps until the line forms.

While tightening line regulations, Nighman and his staff have also committed themselves to making the process as smooth and comfortable for students as possible. This year, the staff is even bringing in a band to entertain students.

In the long run, however, Nighman knows that entertainment is secondary. Students want to know one thing — when line numbers will be issued.

"I’m going to use my discretion as to determine when to start issuing the line numbers," said Nighman. "Obviously, If we have hundreds of kids here, I’m probably going to start issuing line numbers [Friday night]."

Similar to last year, each line number will permit a student to purchase two season tickets. Students may also hold two line numbers at once. For complete line regulations and ticket payment procedures, fans are asked to visit

While most of the fall sports teams are kicking off their seasons this weekend, there’s no bigger event on campus than the line.

"It is the event at Cornell University, no doubt about it. it’s a combination of tradition, legacy, atmosphere," said Nighman. "It’s the thing to do — be a part of Cornell hockey. Everyone wants to be a part of a winner."

Archived article by Matt Janiga