September 11, 2003

Gotta Have It

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It’s only the second week of class and I’m behind on sleep. Perhaps you’re one of the thousands of Cornell students who have delegated major control of their waking lives to a little drug known as caffeine. After all, 9:00 am seems a little less scary when you’ve got a tall canister of espresso as your ally. But around bland cup of coffee number five for the day it’s pretty safe to assume that your taste buds have already begun to rebel. You can give up and re-route your entire life savings to the Starbucks Empire, but if you’re a little resourceful you’ll be pleased to discover that there’s a whole world of alternative caffeinated products out there just waiting to be devoured. Four of the best on the market plus one all-star sampler pack appear below, available at your local grocery store, or on just about any online beverage distributor.