September 16, 2003

Pi Beta Phi Hosts Back-2-School Bash

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While the Greek system may have garnered a questionable reputation among local community members, Pi Beta Phi commenced the semester in philanthropic spirits, drawing from the Cornell and Ithaca community to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation with their second annual Back-2-School Bash.

While the Bash was largely the result of Pi Beta Phi’s work and organization, the event’s success also depended on the cooperation and participation of various other members of the community.

“We found a lot of businesses and restaurants such as Domino’s and John Thomas eager to help out and donate,” said Ashley Ratner ’06, philanthropy chair, Pi Beta Phi.

Along with local community members, other Cornellians came to support the cause as well. Among the Cornell contributors were the voices of the Cornell a cappella group Cayuga’s Waiters, while members of Psi Epsilon donated food and a grill for the event.

“I think Pi [Beta] Phi is doing a good thing by raising money for Make-A-Wish,” said Tom Carreras ’05, Psi Epsilon member.

Pi Beta Phi Members Lauren Jacobs ’04 and Jackie Greenburg ’05 came up with the idea to organize the Back-2-School carnival to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation last year, and due to the enthusiasm that the event generated for Make-A-Wish, it may be adopted as an annual event for the sorority.

“[Make-A-Wish] is such a good foundation, and people get really excited when they find out that the money we raise is for them. As long as we have girls to put in the time we hope to continue with this event in the future,” Ratner said.

Though the Greek system has recently recieved criticism from the Ithaca and Cornell community, the Back-2-School Bash testifies to how the fraternities and sororities can be beneficial to the community.

“The Greek system isn’t what it used to be and I think it’s important that the community and administration know that we don’t just party,” Ratner said. “Having events such as these are important in trying to improve the image of the Greek system.”

The Back-2-School Bash is Pi Beta Phi’s biggest philanthropy event, but they also make an effort to serve the community with other activities.

“This event has been good because it has drawn a lot of involvement from members of the community. In the future we’ll try to do events more service-oriented to reach out to the community,” said Nicole Adams ’06, Pi Beta Phi member.

Archived article by Carrie Tremblatt