September 18, 2003

Campus Couture

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There’s been a lot more leg showing on campus lately as the Sixties miniskirt rage returns. And while I have yet to hear any complaints (a least from the guys), there may be some concern in the near future. Going skimpy is okay for warmer weather, but what happens when the Ithaca cold strikes? You’re carefully weighing your options come Fall, and the selection doesn’t look good: do you suck it up and risk frostbite on your entire lower half, or leave the skirt in the closet and trade it for long johns?

Don’t worry — this Fall the skirt is here to stay. Here are a few items to help you get more mileage out of the mini when the cooler weather rolls in.

Turtleneck Sweater

Make up for what you’re not covering down below by adding some extra coverage up top. A turtleneck sweater makes the mini look a bit more casual and comfortable for everyday wear.


Collared Shirt

For dressy occasions or with a pair of jeans, you already have this staple in your closet. Pair a colorful version of the collared button-up with your mini for a more classic look.



A short or midlength blazer looks great over a mini skirt, and adds an extra layer. Better yet, blazers don’t have to be dressy. Look for textured fabrics like tweed, corduroy, or velvet, and pull over a basic T-shirt or turtleneck.


Knee-high Boots

Add a little extra coverage with knee-high boots. Not only does it add an extra edge to the outfit, you might keep your calves a little warmer too! Just be careful not to cross the line from fashionable to hooker (i.e. the Julia Roberts look in Pretty Woman).


Colorful Stockings

There comes a point when bare legs are just not practical anymore. But rather than settling for the same old pair of nude drug store stockings, mix it up a bit with a colorful pair of tights. You can buy a heavy-duty pair of opaque stockings and get a lot more mileage (and warmth) out of them in cold weather.



Pumps — tall or short, colorful or classic — are the best way to show off your legs when the season of sandals is over. But be careful. They could make for tricky walking up the Slope.


Archived article by Laura Borden