September 18, 2003

Test Spin: Guster

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It’s been three years since the last offering from this quirky trio, but their absence has only made the hearts of fans and new listeners alike grow fonder. The band returns on Keep it Together with a more robust and colorful sound, ditching their minimal acoustic-bongo formula for a broader range of instruments, including more bass and electric guitar. But not everything has changed; the group’s fun lyrical style and, yes, signature bongos are mainstays. Keep it Together is incredibly catchy from start to finish, and evokes the feeling of listless summer days. Every song is a well-composed three minutes, and tracks like “Diane” and the album’s first single, “Amsterdam” are sure to be repeats. My favorite, “Home Coming King,” about a disillusioned college student, is honest and endearing with its lyrics, “On your way to the best years of your life