September 19, 2003


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Students on the Arts Quad witnessed a genuinely weird spectacle at 10 a.m. yesterday morning. A hooded male figure, pushing a cart of some sort, slowly ambled along the paths. A sizable crowd gathered, and one bystander, asking questions, reported that the man “growled at me.” He caused enough commotion that the Cornell Police were called — only to discover that they were spectators to a form of “performance art,” according to Lt. Michael Musci of the CUPD. The cart, he said, was actually a “window pane on wheels.” The police confirmed with a professor that it was in fact a student making art.

Yesterday, a cell phone ringing interrupted the Arch 131: An Introduction to Architecture class of over 600 students. The speaker, a visiting lecturer, looked around annoyed until he realized the owner of the phone — himself.

Anyone who’s been around the Commons lately has noticed that group of five or six townies heckling individuals about buying cologne and perfume. They were in the Commons two nights ago and were doing business in Collegetown, just over the bridge, yesterday afternoon. Is New York City’s merchandise hitting the streets of Ithaca?

Cornell Dining prohibits patrons from purchasing more than just their food items using points. In other words, if you eat with a friend who has points, he or she cannot technically buy you food. What’s to prevent students from carrying up all the food for themselves and then purchasing it while their friend hides somewhere? A manager at Hughes Dining responded that the policy is because of “New York State tax laws.” Oh, that explains it all.

Archived article by Sun Staff