October 9, 2003

Campus Couture

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Ithaca never ceases to amaze me. October hits, and suddenly we’re pulling out the winter jackets and watching the snow fall. It’s going to be a cold one, so you better be prepared. I hate to sound like Mom, but she’s right — wear lots of layers and get yourself a versatile, good-looking, extremely warm jacket to cozy up in. Here are a few ideas from the fall/winter jacket selection to get you started. Hurry out and get them before the frostbite sets in!

Down Jacket

Once the cold weather strikes, Cornell becomes the poster child for North Face gear. One of their new selections this season is a jacket they are claiming is “the new fleece, but better.” It is a very standard look with great features, like wind and water resistance. Plus it’s lightweight and a lot warmer than you’d think. It’s also easy to pack up — you can fold the whole thing into the left-hand pocket!

Peacoat for Him

I’ll admit it — I’m a sucker for the peacoat look. It’s clean and classic no matter what color you choose. Wear it out or every day, dressed up or over jeans. Guys, don’t rule it out. It’s a look that never goes out of style.


Suede jackets are the alternative to the leather jacket this year. This version is extra warm and perfect for the Ithaca cold with a Thinsulate lining. Definitely don’t forget to get leather treatment spray to protect the material from cruel, wet Ithaca weather.

Peacoat for Her

As with the guys, the girls can’t go wrong with a peacoat, either. Dark colors are great for any occasion, but don’t rule out more feminine hues like ivory or pink. A peacoat may traditionally be more classy, but it’s okay to have fun with it too.

Ski Jacket

Ski jackets are one of the warmest and brightest ways to go. Pretty much the style stays the same every year, so invest in one and expect it to last for a while. This version is wind and water-resistant, has a fold-in hood, and has a removable fleece lining that you can wear on it’s own when the temperatures aren’t bordering subzero.

Toggle Coat

Bright and trendy, what this coat really has going for it are the old-school toggle closures and wild colors, like alaska blue or marmalade orange, to choose from. My personal favorite: sled (Cornell) red. It’s wool, so it’s warm, and has a hidden zipper so the cold can’t creep in.

Archived article by Laura Borden