October 23, 2003

Gotta Have It

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The vaunted Big Red Football program may have stumbled out of the gates this season, but fear not: this weekend’s homecoming match up with Brown has the potential to be quite a Homecoming Weekend gem. If you’ve decided to become one of Cornell’s bravest and ignore your pulsing human instinct to seek shelter from the cold to attend the game, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned tailgate to combat the arctic autumn chill. To many, the secret art of tailgating may still be shrouded in mystery, but thanks to years upon years of painstaking participant observational research, the Gotta Have It team is here to help. Below are some quick, easy, failsafe ideas on how to turn your next festivity into a successful pre-game/in-game/post-game/don’t you have a life already tailgate bash.

Heat up the Grill While You Cool Down

First things first: it’s not a genuine tailgate without an obscenely large grilling system. Notice the use of the word “system” here and take note. Sure, you could go out to your local grocery store and buy one of those small, cheap charcoal grills, but I’d be the first one to point out that it’s not an official tailgate in my book unless there’s enough smoke emanating from your grilling area to choke a large mammal. I recommend the Fire and Ice Thermos Grill by Char-Broil. It features a robust 192 square-inch grilling surface while doubling underneath as a 10 gallon insulated cooler with plenty of room for drinks of all kinds. But more on drinks later; its lunch time and I want to get back to the jaw-dropping grill. The ingenious grilling surface was designed to transfer heat evenly throughout the super-conductive surface — meaning no more burned-on-the-outside-popsicle-on-the-inside finished product. The featured Dupont Teflon nonstick surface is perfect for food of just about any kind: burgers, steaks, chicken, veggie kabobs, steak and veggie kabobs, veggie and steak kabobs — the list goes on. It uses a small propane cylinder capable of powering the system for a solid two hours with a quick flip of the built-in igniter. Here’s a quick tip: get the food going at least 1-2 hours before game time to allow everyone ample time to chow down.


Extreme Mixed Drinks

So let’s say the sodas are chilling nicely in the cooler, but you suddenly have that strange urge to whip up some truly unique blended drinks. That prospect is a snap with the completely portable (as seen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!!!) Daiquiri Whacker. The machine is completely portable thanks to a gas-powered 23cc Homelite motor that makes the art of parking lot blending a snap. Want to impress/shock just about anyone with this strange-looking brute’s raw power? Well, like they always say, “If you blend it, they will come.” How appealingly