October 30, 2003

Campus Couture

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Hard to believe we’re already through the first round of career fairs and interviews are well under way. Whether you’re looking for an internship for next summer or an all-out career after graduation, dressing for success is key to becoming a professional. So ditch the jeans and sweatshirt for the day — what you wear might be as important as how you well interview. If you can’t look the part then you won’t fit in. So impress your future employers by making the investment and trying out some of these work-wear options.

Fitted blazer

A blazer is necessary for a formal interview. This fitted version is very figure flattering and goes great as a suit or separate piece over any complimentary skirt or pant. Be careful of unfitted types or patterned versions since they tend to look outdated, or even if they’re in style now they won’t be for long. (www.bananarepublic.com)

Wool pants

Textured materials like wool and tweed are everywhere this season, so feel free to bring the look to your interview. Fitted flat front cuts, not too tight, are a classic look. Choose a basic color like black or tan that can be either business casual or professional and carry over between seasons. (jcrew.com)

Detailed sweater

Pay attention to detail. You can have a lot of flexibility in what you choose to layer underneath your blazer. Choose a classic cut, nothing too low or edgy, and find versions with unique details. The ribbon adds a twist to this otherwise conservative sleeveless sweater. (www.saks5.com)

Twill Blazer

Invest in a blazer that can go from formal to casual easily — you’ll get more mileage out of it. That means no patterns. Period. Dark solid colors are perfect for almost all occasions. (www.bananarepublic.com)

Flat-front pants

While some guys can pull off the pleated pant without a hitch, it’s safer to go with the flat front pant instead. They are more clean cut and just plain look better. My motto: pleats are for tennis skirts. (www.ck.com)

Modified-Stripe Tie

Nothing ruins a good business outfit like a hideous tie. If you want to wear stripes but want to be sure you’ve not crossed the line from tasteful to trash, check out more toned down versions that you’re sure aren’t trying to make a huge statement. (www.hugo.com)

Archived article by Laura Borden