October 31, 2003

Getting 'The Feeling'

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It’s something you can only acquire with time, a sixth sense that only the purist possesses. It’s a talent really; something few can truly boast and yet so many force themselves into believing they have.

It’s The Feeling.

One that is truly gifted with The Feeling gets it when they know something special is about to happen, or is happening right before their very eyes.

Its knowing that when Michael Jordan shows up to the NBA Finals with a severe case of the flu, he’s going to do something extraordinary. It’s realizing that the moment the ball leaves Joe Montana’s hand, it’s going to find No. 80. It’s being in the press box at the ECAC Final and being completely sure that someone is going to make this face-off work for Cornell.

It’s a treasured gift; one Yankees’ fans know well and Red Sox fans yearn to experience.

Its Mariano in the ninth, B