November 6, 2003

Daze Contest

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Welcome to the first annual daze Place That Quote contest, wherein you reveal the depths of your pop culture obsession in order to win lovely prizes, including a gift certificate to local vineyards, CDs, and guest passes to Cornell Cinema. There are 25 entries below, each one is a movie quote or a song lyric, and each is worth up to four points. You get one point for correctly identifying the sentence as being either a song lyric or movie quote, one for naming the song or movie the entry is from, one for giving the name of the actor who says the line or band who first recorded the song, and one if you give the name of the character who says the line or the album on which the song originally appeared. The person with the most points wins. To enter, mail your responses to [email protected] with the subject line Quote Contest. Answers, along with the winner’s name, will appear two issues from now. Anyone is eligible for entry except for employees and writers of the Cornell Daily Sun.

1. I’ve got no expectations to pass through here again.

2. Heroin. It’s my wife, and it’s my life.

3. Wake up, time to die.

4. I loved you so much, I went and betrayed you.

5. I read the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade.

6. My life is a game of strip poker.

7. Give me a reason to love you.

8. Heading out for the East coast, lord knows I’ve paid some dues.

9. I’m hungry, let’s get a taco.

10. Don’t tell me, you’ve come to read my trousers.

11. She lies and says she’s in love with him, can’t find a better man.

12. It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.

13. I was with them when they blundered into Berlin in 1918.

14. Nobody knows what it’s like, to feel these feelings, like I do.

15. I don’t get tough; my lawyer gets tough for me.

16. The Dude abides.

17. This is Major Tom to ground control.

18. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

19. Break his heart again, and I’ll kill you. Nothing personal.

20. You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

21. If you wanna call me baby, just go ahead now.

22. Shop smart, shop S-Mart!

23. She is Lana Turner.

24. The benefits of a classical education.

25. I’m gonna tell you how it’s gonna be, you’re gonna give your love to me.

NB: this is what a correct answers would look like for a movie and a song.

Q: Rosebud.

A: movie, Citizen Kane, Orson Wells (Charles Foster Kane).

Q: Please allow me to introduce myself.

A: song, “Sympathy For The Devil,” Rolling Stones, Beggars Banquet.

Archived article by Erica Stein