November 12, 2003

Panhel Elects New Board

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The Cornell Panhellenic Association held elections for its 2004 Executive Board Sunday night in Kennedy Hall’s David L. Call Auditorium. Representatives from seven of the eleven Panhel sororities were elected to the nine open positions. The new Panel executive board consists of members from Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi sororities.

“It was a year of record interest in [the Panhellenic system] and the quality of our candidates was very high,” said current Panhel President Meghan Dubyak ’04. “I have full confidence that the 2004 Panhellenic Executive Board will continue to further the progress that we’ve made in the past year and take Panhellenic to new levels.”

Under Dubyak’s leadership, Panel received an award for Overall Excellence from the National Panhellenic Council.

Panhel representatives from each of the eleven member sororities cast their organization’s votes on Sunday. In order to vote, each sorority was required to have thirteen chapter members present, along with its Panhel representative. Roll was called throughout the night to check attendance and ensure that the election ran according to prescribed rules.

During the past few weeks, Panhel carefully selected and slated nine women to run under its recommendation. Each woman was chosen after undergoing a process which included a 30 minute slating committee interview with members of the current executive board. The candidates chosen through the slating process received an introduction from Dubyak, but the floor was open for others to contest as well. Those who ran without Dubyak’s introduction had been through the interview process but had not been slated —