November 13, 2003

Campus Couture

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It took me a while to really get into having many handbags. My mantra was: if I’m going to spend the money on something, it’s going to be on an item I can wear, not an accessory. But then it started. All it took was one special bag and I was converted into a collector. Now I think I’ve got just about every occasion covered as far as handbags go. Once you see this season’s looks, you might just be a convert too.


Bright colors and wild geometrical designs make this silk handbag a fun addition to your handbag collection. Iridescent colors like fuchsia and lime are increasingly popular. I’m also a fan of details like the clasp closure or detailed shoulder straps. This Prada bag has all of the above.

Little Black Tote

This is a great update of the same-old tote, with details like beaded silk organza trim. Totes are always around, but this is a stand out. It looks clean cut, and just plain cute. Perhaps the best selling point, though, is its price. Thank goodness someone has the college student in mind once in a while.

Make Your Mark

If you’ve always been the type to go the more traditional route when it comes to handbags, but worry that you’ll look the same as everyone else, a personalized handbag might be just for you. This blue suede bag comes with a twist — get your initials printed on it and now it’s unique. Kind of brings you back to the days when your mom used to label the tags of your mittens or hats, doesn’t it?

Gather Ye Bags While Ye May

Slouchy, gathered bags from textured materials having been making an appearance with both daytime and eveningwear. This rich, magenta suede version could work for either occasion. It also boasts a spacious interior, complete with a cell phone pocket and key ring.

Portable Pet

While I tend to think that it’s a bad sign if your handbag is as hairy as your dog, fur is everywhere and handbags are no exception. Whether it is fur-trimmed or an all-over fuzz, it’s a look that’s sure to turn heads. This unique version also features bone and wood beading.

Baubles, Bangles, and Beads

Beads, jewels, studs, and rhinestones are gracing handbags of all shapes and sizes. You might be temped to save it just for evening events, but some of these can enter the light of day, too. Beyond the glitzy versions, look for ethnic beadwork reminiscent of African and Indian embroidery styles.

Archived article by Laura Borden